Traveling With Pets or Service Animals

Specially Trained/Service Animals

Sky Bahamas will transport passengers accompanied by specially trained animal trained to assist the physically disabled once the following conditions are adhered to:

1. The animal must be properly harnessed and secured in an animal approved carrier.
2. A trainer or a disabled person must accompany the animal.
3. The animal may accompany the passenger in the cabin of the aircraft, but cannot occupy a seat or block the aisle. If the animal cannot fit in the cabin of aircraft the animal will be placed in the cargo baggage.


Domestic pets such as dogs, cats, and household birds will be accepted as cabin baggage if they are carried in a suitable container that fits under the seat in front of the passenger who is accompanying the pet. the pet is to remain in its container.

One (1) cabin pet will be allowed per flight at a fee of $50 + VAT

Pets carried in the cargo hold should be in a pet carrier at a fee of $100 + VAT

Additionally, your pet must receive all required shots by the Vet. All pets must have animal carrying forms, including animal health Certificate in order to travel.

The pet carrier is included in the maximum number of carry-on or check-in items allowed. The maximum combined weight of carrier and pet must not exceed 20 pounds. 

The Airline maintains the right to refuse or accept animal with aggressive behavior.

Pets will be allowed to board flights on a first come first serve basis.

 For further information please call 1-242-702-2600.